Snow Black



Living in Southern California means there are no seasons, just sunny! But, during the winter and after a rare winter storm the mountains get snow.

Up until now, I had only heard of the pillowy white substance from a couple of huskies at the dog park and from the Disney princesses that wanted to build a snowman. Dog gone it, that song is in my head…

So, this past weekend after Christmas, my parents took me to Big Bear Mountain in the San Bernardino National Forest (approximately 2 hours from Los Angeles) for my first snow experience.

Now, remember that part about Southern California being sunny? Well, the sun had turned the snow into ice! When I stepped foot onto it, it just felt like cold concrete. However, some parts were softer than others and I had fun running around the snow and licking snowballs my dad made. He said something like, “Hey Charlie, have a taste of Olaf.”


All in all, it was a great experience and I enjoyed making the snow yellow. Hopefully, I can experience the fabled powdery snow falling on me next time instead of having dad scraping a block of icy snow with his car keys above me to simulate falling snow.


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