Notebook Pouch


I have been wanting to try making a notebook paper-style pouch for some time now so I thought I would give it a try on twill fabric.

First, cut two 8 x 6 twill and two 8 x 6 lining fabric to use with a 7″ zipper.

Second, draw 1/2″ horizontal lines using Pilot Frixion erasable pen for blue lines and one 2 1/2″ vertical line for the red line.

Third, sew all blue lines using any blue thread and red line using any red thread. Add personalization at this time. I put woof + dine of course!

Fourth, place the lining right side up. Then, add the zipper in the middle. Lastly, place the main fabric right side down. Basically, two right sides need to face the zipper.

Fifth, sew the zipper using the zipper foot. Once finished, turn it to the other side so the opposite sides face together now and do the top stitch on the zipper.

Sixth, repeat the fourth step. Sandwich the two right sides between the zipper. Sew, Turn and Top-stitch. It can be confusing at first. It takes a couple of times to get it together. If anything goes wrong, keep calm and get a seam ripper!

Seventh, sew the main fabric together(right sides should face together) on all three sides.

Eighth, sew the lining fabric together on all three sides but leave a 2″ opening on the bottom (parallel to the zipper). Optional: sew zig zag lines on all closed sides. I like to do this to prevent fraying but it’s not necessary.

Ninth, turn the pouch over from 2″ opening. Sew top stitch to shut it after turning.

Tenth, iron to erase the pen marks.

This pouch can be personalized in any way imaginable, which makes it sew fantastic!


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