Origami Bowl

photo 1

Working with oil cloth fabric for the first time can be tricky as it tends to stick to the foot, but a tiny piece of tape on the bottom of the foot can make this task much easier. I made two origami bowls, one with two oil cloths and another with one oil cloth for the outside and a CPSIA certified PUL for the inside as I was going to use this as Charlie’s travel water bowl since some oil cloths can be harmful to children.

I followed the tutorial from craftstylish, which was pretty simple. I tried this on my home sewing machine and expected my needle to break. Luckily it didn’t, but I think next time I will just use the industrial strength Juki-brand machine at my parents’ sample room.

We took Charlie to the dog park today and it was an instant hit with Charlie and the other dogs… then again, maybe the other dogs just liked the ice cold water we bring with us! Either way, the origami bowl was waterproof and sew light!


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