Polymer Clay Bowl


I really enjoyed working with clay in my high school’s art class and of course I was first introduced to clay when Patrick Swayze snuck up on Demi Moore in the movie Ghost. RIP Patrick!

Unfortunately, I had not really made anything with clay aside from visiting my local Color Me Mine store where one can modify and color already-made clay items. However, it just did not feel the same as touching, molding, and working with clay. That was until recently when I had an eye-opening experience online after coming across polymer clay that you can bake in a standard kitchen oven.

After purchasing polymer clay, here are the steps to making your own clay projects:

First, lay out parchment paper on any large surface. Then, play with the polymer clay to mix it up and let out any air bubbles.

Second, use a roller to make the clay about 1/4-1/3″ thick.

Third, use stamps to decorate. You can pretty much do anything at this point.

Fourth, get an oven-safe bowl and place it upside down onto the clay. Then use a knife to cut along the circumference of the bowl.

Fifth, transfer the clay disc and press it into the oven-safe bowl and press lightly to your desired depth. Then place the bowl into the oven.

Sixth, bake the clay at 275 °F (130 °C) for 15 minutes per 1/4 in (6 mm) thickness. Then remove the clay from the oven and bowl.

Seventh, after cooling the clay down, paint it. I used a mix of acrylic paint and glaze.

That’s it!

With the leftover clay, I used a mason jar stamp, cookie cutters, toothpick and more to shape and make tags. I plan on molding Charlie’s paw prints onto the clay for a future project. I just hope Charlie doesn’t try to eat the clay!

It was a fun weekend project!


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