Northern California Move

Without consulting me, my parents decided to move from Southern California to Northern California. Something about dad’s job or whatever… At least they let me say goodbye to my BFF (Best Furry Friend), a silly little pug named Bubba, and they let me visit my favorite dog park in Pasadena one last time.


The drive was long, but on the way up we got to stop by a really dog-friendly rest stop at Bravo Farms near Coalinga that my pops called “Cow-linger” because of all the cows and the giant cloud of cow fart that hovers over the area. The cool thing about Bravos Farms is that they have a little dog park and I was allowed to go into the back patio.


So, now I am living in some placed called the East Bay. The good thing is that there sure are a lot of parks and dog-friendly places here.


Since I have moved here I have been to some really cool places such as a place called “The City” with a ton of hills where we had to cross a really long bridge to get to. I found out later that The City refers to San Francisco!

I also went to a place called Berkeley where there were a lot of college students and weird hippies.

They took me to a place called Napa and Calistoga where the wine is supposedly famous – I say supposedly because I am allergic to grapes and alcohol.


So as I begin my new life in Northern California, I will hunt down all the dog-friendly places I venture to. So bear DOG with me as I post updates!


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