Homemade Spinach Powder


I have been using natural ingredients to add color to food while cooking and baking such as beet powder. Recently we went to Costco and ended up purchasing a humongous bag of spinach. Despite our best efforts, there was no way we could finish the bag before it went bad. So, to save the spinach, I put the dehydrator to work for making things other than Charlie’s treats!


First, place the washed spinach leaves on trays (it’s best not to overcrowd each tray) and then dehydrate the leaves. My dehydrator took about four hours to completely dry the spinach leaves.


Once dried, place the leaves into a blender to blend the leaves into powder. I used the Vitamix dry container for this.


So, after a little over four hours, four trays of spinach turned into a 1/2-cup of powder.

DIY Spinach Powder

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