Himalayan Dog Chew

IMG_20150201_165459 dogchew

My parents call me the destroyer because once I decide to rip apart my toys, I persist until it’s destroyed. So when my parents noticed I was ripping apart a plastic bone toy and incidentally swallowing plastic, they searched for an edible substitute.

After some research, they found me the perfect chew toy, the Himalayan Dog Chew. The Himalayan Dog Chew is a 100% natural chew made with a combination of yak and cow milk, lime and a little salt. No preservatives, colorings, or other additives.

Moreover, contrary to its name, it’s really hard so it cleans my teeth as I gnaw on it. I have to bite, lick, and chew the ends until it is soft before I can scrape the cheese. It’s so much fun and keeps me occupied for hours.

Since I love cheese, this was the perfect chew toy. What’s more is that when it shrinks to a small size, you pop it into the microwave for about 45 seconds and then it turns into a crispy and crunchy treat.

Although I am a medium-sized dog, I get the large size for under 55 pounds because after all, I am the destroyer!


How Himalayan Dog Chews Are Made

According to their website, the chews are made in Nepal by local farmers where freshly milked yak and cow milk is boiled for 4-5 hours and then filtered to remove the fat. After cooling down, the milk is treated with 10 ml of lime juice and 10 mg of salot for every 100 gallons of milk.

The acid from the lime coagulates the milk and the salt speeds up the process. Then the solids are places in burlap sacs and squeezed of the moisture so that in 3 weeks it become a brick. After that process, the “cake” is cut to size, cooked under the sun and smoked for 2-3 months.

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