Guisado’s refers to a Mexican style of cooking known as “guisado” that means stewed. At Guisado’s they serve up tacos made from handmade tortillas with meat that is braised, pulled and/or stewed with spices and herbs for hours with the sauce for the tacos literally being the broth the meats are cooked in. They also offer vegetarian tacos as well.

So no, you will not find carne asada tacos that are topped with cilantro and onions. Instead, each type of taco is dressed in its own way, which includes pumpkin seeds, avocado wedges, pickled onions, Mexican cheese, etc. If it is your first visit, definitely try the taco sampler.

While the Echo Park location is not the original (the original is in Boyle Heights), only this location offers a dog-friendly patio. The only negative thing about the patio is that there isn’t too much shade so try to come for dinner when it is cooler.


“2 Charlies mean a moderate dog-friendly area.”

1261 Sunset Boulevard,
Los Angeles, CA
(213) 250-7600

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