Fruitables Whole Jerky

Unbelievable Savory Aroma… USA! USA! USA! I’ve been a huge fan of Fruitables (14 dog years), so when I first tried their chicken, bacon, and bison strips whole jerky, it was love at first bite… errrr smell…. errrr sight!

These “Meatables” are savory and really tasty and are 100% natural with nothing artificial added.


I could probably eat a whole bag, but my parents are so stingy with the portions. They have been using the excuse that new proteins might cause me to have an upset stomach, but if that were the case, why do they eat so much steak? Conspiracy!

Oh well, until I can figure out how to climb up to the kitchen counter, I guess I will have to continue being cute so that I can get more Fruitables whole jerky.

And in case you didn’t notice, these treats are made in America!


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