The FroBo is literally really cool. Created by a guy who rescued a Chow/Retriever mix also named Charlie, this smartie-pants-human wanted to make sure his Charlie was hydrated with cold water so he invented the FroBo, which consists of a non-toxic blue gel known as a “freezer core” encased in a bowl.

The blue gel when frozen for 2 hours keeps the water cold all day. It’s kind of like those blue-ice-thingeys that humans use to keep their ice boxes cold.

Just remember, you just need to train your human to throw the freezer core bowls in the freezer for 2 hours so that when water is added, it stays cold all day! My parents were smart enough to buy two freezer core bowls so that one is always in the freezer!

In the summer I really enjoy getting a cold lick in with my FroBo. Sure the parents leave the A/C on for me, but having ice cold water really makes a difference.


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