Freezer Paper Stencil + Tote Bag


photo 2

I never realized that there were so many things that can be done with freezer paper! Recently, I used freezer paper to print straight to the fabric from a regular ink printer to make this whimsical anchor stencil project!

It’s pretty simple!

1. Print a graphic on the dull side of the freezer paper.
2. Cut out the shape using a craft knife.
3. Iron the freezer paper onto fabric (shiny side down). For this project, I had already cut fabric into DIY tote bag pieces so I applied the stencil right on top of the front piece.
4. Apply the fabric paint using a paint brush or foam. You’ll want to put some kind of barrier (cardboard, magazine, etc) to avoid stains to your work station.
5. Let it dry for 3-4 hrs and pull off the stencil.

Just one more thing ~ you’re going to have to SEW the bag!


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