Alright, alright, I’ll admit it, I am a spoiled little pooch. But in my defense, I cannot help the fact that my French side makes me such a picky eater! It’s true, go ask any canine with poodle blood – we actually taste our food unlike those vacuum-cleaner shih tzus! Anyways…

Mom and pops are always feeding me yummilicious morsels of food, but I didn’t realize the variety that they fed me until they took me on various road trips to San Francisco, Las Vegas, and of course camping (boo!).

And, as if to rub it in my nose, they took the following photo. The items in the photo are what it takes for me to be a “happy camper”.


So yes, call me foofoo, or a foofoo-poo, but I guess you can say I love my food and my humans… the humans that prepare my food of course!


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