DIY Harness & Leash



It’s National Sewing Month so I had to sew something for a special 4-legged someone… you know, Charlie aka Carlos!

I tried making the harness by using the dog harness pattern from at first, but the Velcro couldn’t hold back Charlie so I had to adjust the pattern to add both Velcro and a buckle.

Once I played around with the pattern and had the perfect fit for Charlie, I cut fabric designer Riley Blake’s double- sided quilted fabric and used a simple 1/2″ double fold bias to finish it up. After sewing on the Velcro, I added the additional layer of safety by using 1″ Nylon Webbing, 1″ D Rings and 1″ Contoured Plastic Buckle. Don’t forget to use the Reinforced Box Technique at least 5 times.

For the leash, I purchased a couple of 7/8″ printed gross grain ribbons(2yd/each) to make a one-of-a-kind leash for Charlie. So, I sewed a simple ribbon on 1″ webbing. Next, I burned the ends to avoid fraying. Then, I added 1″ Swivel Snap Hooks to one end and a 1″ D ring to the other end. At this end I also stitched a loop to create a handle and used the Reinforced Box Technique here as well.

I think the harness and leash turned out pretty darn cute! Happy sewing!




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