Every time I walk past her house, this feisty Maltese named Daisy barks at me! I mean, all I want to do is pee on her grass and smell her booty. Daisy is a loud yapper so I try to walk past her house as quickly as possible.

Too bad my dad is always trailing behind. IMHO he is a bad walker. Between you and me, I think humans are slow because they walk on 2 legs and not 4!


Anyways, I used to think it was just this Daisy that did not like me, but one day as I was going on one of my leisurely strolls I ran across a Shih Tzu that was also named Daisy that not only barked at me, but growled showing her vicious canine teeth (pun intended).

I guess the lesson is, I need to stay away from all Daisies or else I might be pushing some up. I wonder if Donald Duck had it this rough? Whew!


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