Black Dog Syndrome

I must be really lucky since my parents rescued me from the shelter even though I am black. Many animal shelters have noticed that black dogs (as well as black cats) are not adopted because of their fur color.

This black dog syndrome (BDS) comes from how black dogs are portrayed in movies, silly superstitions that the color black equates to evil or misfortune, or that black dogs don’t photograph well. Obviously people haven’t seen my photos!


On average, non-black dogs take two weeks to be adopted while black dogs can take as long as two months or never… so sad.

I can’t change the way people think about black dogs, but here are a couple reasons why my parents say they love me:

1. Being black means I do not look as dirty as white dogs after a visit to the dog park;
2. Every accessory looks great on me and;
3. Once you go black…

I don’t know what they mean about #3 since mom and dad were chuckling, but I am glad that they did not suffer from BDS, or else I would have never adopted them.

So if you are looking for a best friend forever (BFF), make it a BBFF and adopt a black dog!


Here’s a website that shows how beautiful black dogs are. It’s called the Black Dogs Project.

Links to BDS articles:
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