Bark Appeal


Bark Appeal is a wholesale company that specializes in dog harnesses and apparel that really are appealing. The harnesses are designed to wrap around the torso and not the neck to prevent choking.

I really like their step-in harnesses which are human-friendly too because they are not complicated like some of the other harnesses out there. You see, all I have to do is put my front legs through and then have my human secure the Velcro and the plastic clip. It all takes less than 60 seconds and then we are off to go party (potty) outside!

Did I mention that the harnesses are fashionable too? It must be the poodle in me but I love the designs and patterns that Bark Appeal offers. Along with solid colors, Bark Appeal offers plaid and military prints as well. I personally own three in blue, brown, and red.

Although you cannot order directly from Bark Appeal, you can find them at local pet stores. I got mine at Urban Pet. Take your dog to a local pet store to find a size that fits them!

– Charlie –

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