Woof and Dine started out of necessity. It all began in July 2012 when Charlie, a handsome black and furry terrier/poodle mix decided to adopt two humans as his pets. You see, Charlie’s new mom and dad quickly realized how handicapped they were in finding places for their entire family to dine at.

While there were many sites out there that provided some resources, in general, most of the information was really limited or not updated. Therefore, whenever the family wanted to go out, they had to Google, Yelp, call, e-mail or just pray to the “dogs in heaven” that the place they wanted to dine at would allow four-legged children.

Despite the many rejections, surprisingly California is a really dog-friendly place. So, Charlie’s parents started making a list of dog-friendly restaurants and drinking establishments (Charlie quickly realized his parents were alcoholics). Sure enough, a pretty legitimate compilation was formed. But rather than be selfish parents, they wanted to share their knowledge of dog-friendly places and voilà Woof and Dine was launched.

While Woof and Dine was created because Charlie’s parents did not want him to stay home alone, Woof and Dine will also feature custom dog products made with love by Charlie’s designer mom and will have reviews of pooch-related products by Charlie’s dad (C-Daddy).

So we hope that Woof and Dine will be a helpful resource for all dogs that check out our site and their hairless pets aka humans.


Charlie and Pets