A Real Life Cruella de Vil

I cannot believe that Pat Claerbout has been hired by the County of Los Angeles after the horrible things she did in Sacramento and Stockton. She has a history of mass killing shelter animals – even healthy animals – and is renowned for infamously putting down 466 dogs and 505 cats in one month alone.


She is a murderer with no compassion that has gotten around killing healthy animals illegally within 24 hours by claiming animals were sick. 24 hours is simply not enough time for parents to find their four-legged children.

Also, with Pat Claerbout at the helm, people that wanted to adopt were turned away! Take for example University of Pacific Professor Eileen McFall who had to go to court to adopt Gracie, a pit bull (http://aldf.org/blog/gracies-story-a-rescue-tail-and-an-expose-of-animal-suffering-at-the-stockton-animal-shelter/).

According to Sacramento attorney Jill Telfer, there was even an incident where a dog that was scheduled for adoption the next day was put down (http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2012/07/27/animal-shelter-director-under-investigation-for-allegedly-killed-dogs-set-to-be-rescued)!

If you read my post, please contact the Director of Animal Care and Control of the County of Los Angeles to remove this horrible person so that animals can be saved and not murdered!


Director Marcia Mayeda
Phone: 562-728-4610

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