Not so “cheer-ry” eye!

I guess I am still growing at 4-years-old because recently I found out I had a very unique medical condition in my eye.

Mom and dad thought it was a condition called “cherry eye” which is when the third eyelid gland prolapses and protrudes outside the eye as a pinkish fleshy mass. This condition is common among bulldogs and bloodhounds.


Being worryholics and reading the Wikipedia page about cherry eye and the potential for inflammation and other complications, my parents scheduled me to get the cherry eye reattached via surgery.

During anesthesia, the doctor found out that I did not have cherry eye disorder, but instead I had a different issue! It turned out that I had a scrolled cartilage/cartilage eversion.

Basically, inside the third eyelid is a T-shaped cartilage. Some dogs, happen to have the T-portion grow abnormally fast so that the cartilage becomes bent, scrolled, or everted. This condition is common among giant dog breeds like Great Danes and Saint Bernards.

This makes me think that one of my fur-parents was a giant poodle or giant terrier! How cool is that?

Anyways, when the doctor called my parents during the surgery, my parents freaked out thinking something wrong had occurred. After hearing about how the scrolled cartilage offered no life-threatening conditions, they decided to leave my eye as is.

I overheard them saying that the eyelid eversion gives me character and makes me look even more handsome.

cherry eye

At the end of the day, I can’t even tell that I have the disorder because I can see my snacks and other doggie’s booties just fine!


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